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Hi there! I’m Kate.

I’m a photographer, traveller, lover of books, Forrest Gump, food, and wine. I’m a wife… and a cat lady. I’m just a wee bit mad about weddings too.

I’m always searching for those little (or big) moments of joy, elation, laughter, sadness, intimacy, vulnerability and closeness. Being able to give those moments a new permanence is something that will never get old. I love to capture a whole wedding story- from the handcrafted details slaved over into the wee hours, to the looks of contentment and happiness on grandparent’s faces.

My cameras and lenses are my babies, although you mightn’t believe it when you see me in action. They are reminders of the journey I have made from the college darkroom to the university darkroom; to the schools and classrooms where I taught, and finally to running my own business.
I married my hubby Jamie in his backyard in March 2013. It was an amazing day, and all of my experiences as a bride, both good and bad, feed massively into how I work as a photographer.

Jamie and I have been lucky enough to travel a heck of a lot in the past few years. I know it’s such a cliché, but I really do believe that travel changes you for the better, and I love swapping travel stories with the couples I get to work with. I am based in Auckland, but it’s my dream to combine my passion for photographing weddings and travel; so don’t be afraid to enquire about destination weddings!

The best places to keep up with my latest work are my facebook and instagram accounts, as well as my blog.

If you like the look of my work and want to know more, feel free to drop me a line.
I’m always keen to meet up for cake, hot choccies, or a sneaky glass of sav.

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