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On a gorgeous summer’s night in December, Ellena, Mun and I traipsed around West Auckland taking their pre-wedding photos. What can I say – we had the most incredible time documenting their love and exploring the gorgeous forests and beaches on offer here in little old NZ. Turns out you don’t have to fly to the South Island to appreciate the natural beauty of this country, and I reckon these two made it look even better. Ellena’s posing was on fire, I barely had to direct her, and Mun was the model hubby-to-be, carrying her dress and making sure she never lost her step. It’s the little things that I notice and take joy in when I do my shoots, those quiet moments that show just how much love there is between two people. You’ll see heaps of those in this gallery and I have to thank Ellena and Mun for sharing them with me. All the best for a long, happy marriage you two!

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