Fraser and Zoë were married on a stormy November day in 2015. They had come back home to New Zealand after living in Australia, and it was important for them to celebrate on home turf with all their nearest and dearest. F & Z wanted to show off NZ’s natural beauty with a gorgeous garden venue, especially with guests coming from overseas. Bridgewater Country Estate was the perfect fit and I think it looked even more lush and beautiful on a wet spring day.

Even though plans for an outdoor wedding were scrapped at the very last minute, they weren’t fazed in the slightest. You can see just how much both Frazer and Zoë lit up with happiness during the ceremony. The rain certainly wasn’t going to put a damper on their big day.

I have to give big props to Zoë. She let me know during their engagement session that having her picture taken wasn’t her idea of a good time, yet she put up with me (thanks!) and was the most stunning bride in her pictures. I am so pleased with how they came out and it meant a lot when Zoë told me she loved the pictures – as a photographer that’s exactly what you want to hear, especially when being in front of the camera isn’t the most natural thing for someone.

Check out their wedding story in the latest Bride and Groom magazine (issue 90) on pages 28, 206 and 207. Thank you to my incredible second shooter and friend, Rachel Ryan Photography.

Venue: Bridgewater Country Estate
Dress: Strictly Bridal Couture
Hair and makeup: Steph Coutler
Flowers: Florienne
Bridesmaid Dresses: Allanah Hill
Suits: Rembrant

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