So, a few weeks ago, I just decided I wanted to do more work. Not weddings, engagements, families or anything else I do within my career. Just work. Simply holding a camera. To see what I like, to see what I don’t, and to help myself realise the areas in which I can grow and improve.

I over and under-thought it and I found it really hard to break out of my normal routine (like taking less portrait photos!). I clearly didn’t get that far and I’m finding it really difficult to put these images out there – because it feels to me like I’m back at uni waiting for a critique. But you know what? This is my first effort, and I straight up love these pictures of Katrina- because they’re of her.

Katrina is an absolute inspiration. She¬†fights for her dreams. In the short time I’ve known her I’ve seen her show strength and determination in the most challenging of circumstances. Katrina, thanks for coming along and for putting up with my neurotic lack of confidence. You are a beauty, inside and out, and I’m so glad you were willing to support me in my little experiment. xx