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To do this wedding justice, I need to tell you all some things first.
Let’s start with the fact that Lana, a kiwi girl from the north shore of Auckland, met Dragisa when she was living in Belgrade – his home town in Serbia. He quickly swept her off her feet, they taught each other their languages, travelled Europe, partied in old towns and the rest is history. Fast forward a few years; they’re living in Auckland and planning a wedding in Rarotonga at the Muri Beach Club Hotel.
Secondly, let’s talk about family. I’m lucky enough to have Lana and Dragisa in mine. Lana is my husband’s cousin and with the way their family works, she’s the closest thing to a sister to him. The whole family is one that laughs, cries, dances, eats, sings and celebrates together… and I’m sure there are many more verbs I’ve missed. They include everyone and the whole dynamic is just amazing. So the whole lot of us, aunties, uncles, cousins, brothers, even a grandmother, all joined Lana and Dragisa in Rarotonga to celebrate their wedding. I was lucky enough to shoot it too.
Unfortunately Rarotonga was a bit too far away for Dragisa’s family, but their video messages during the speeches clearly meant a lot to Dragisa, and left everyone wiping away a tear or two.

Sit back and enjoy an explosion of colour, gorgeous island views and a whole lot of love.


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